Integrated pursuit of mastery in STEM, ELA, and Social Studies skills

Integrated pursuit of mastery in STEM, ELA, and Social Studies skills

Integrated pursuit of mastery in STEM, ELA, and Social Studies skillsIntegrated pursuit of mastery in STEM, ELA, and Social Studies skillsIntegrated pursuit of mastery in STEM, ELA, and Social Studies skills

Promoting Excellence in Education for Young Learners Through Exploration and Documentation

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The Learning Triangle

The Learning Triangle emerged in 2012 while preparing a group of students for a Grade 4 state Science Test.  Although the students were familiar with the scientific concepts, classroom time restrictions limited the students' exposure to hands-on scientific exploration.  To compensate for such limitations, a kit of materials was issued to each student. The kit included scientific equipment, and STEM, ELA, and Social Studies activities. Parents were invited to partner with the students in scientific experimentation at home.  Teacher, Parent, and Student embarked on an inter-disciplinary  journey  that fostered growth in STEM, ELA, and Social Studies skills. 

Building on the success of the Grade 4 program, The Learning Triangle approach was extended to include students in Grade K through 3. This current approach can be modified to match the ability of the student, the learning environment, and the  support  personnel. 

The Learning Triangle Approach

Learners from grades Kindergarten to Third Grade follow the path of  Scientific Exploration as originally defined by Galileo.  Galileo’s greatest contribution to the Fundamentals of Discovery was to direct scientists down a path of pure observation.  An observed phenomenon prompts a “Why” question, that in turn promotes the development of a hypothesis.  Keen observation, disciplined documentation, and rational deduction encourages innately curious thinkers to become  life-long learners.

Going The Extra Mile

Integrated into the explorations are biographies of famous scientists, beginning with Galileo in 1564 and  spanning five centuries to Jane Goodall in the 21st century. Other featured scientists include Torricelli, Newton, Faraday, Anning, Carver, Einstein, Hubble, and Carson. The biographies trace the lives of these individuals from curious child to renowned scientist. Learners establish their place on the timeline of discovery along with these men and women of the scientific community from across the globe.   

Learning Triangle Labs LLC

Commitment to Excellence

Over 60 years of experience in education is encapsulated in this program for the younger learner.  Tried and tested practices of experienced teachers are brought together in a complete materials kit for use in the classroom, for after school programs, or in the home-school environment.

A WNY Educational Resource Provider

Based in East Aurora, New York, the concept of the Learning Triangle stems from working with students across grade levels.  The program encourages students to learn with, and mentor, each other through exploration.


Children in Kindergarten to 3rd grade explore the world and take a scientific approach to learning 

through observation, deduction and communication. 

Exploration Kit


Exploration Kit includes all the supplies essential to explore, document, and communicate.

Learning Together


Exploring together establishes good communication and cooperation skills.

Where do I Belong?


Learners grow in confidence and ability, secure in the knowledge of belonging to a wonderfully exciting world.

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